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How To Budget For New Windows

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Windows are often overlooked in the home design and remodels.

They’re a critical part of your home, of course. But they aren’t always a centerpiece that demands attention like your flooring, kitchen counters, or master bathroom can be.

When people are looking to remodel or even simply update their homes they may focus their efforts primarily on the “wow” factor areas, while neglecting to address their windows.

Windows age and need replacing, but many families wait until there’s damage or necessary repairs before they even consider window replacement.

So what if you need window replacement?

Maybe the neighborhood kids kicked a soccer ball through your back window, or you noticed a nasty cold draft leaking in through your bedroom overlook.

It’s common for homeowners to forget about their windows until there is a problem with one of them, and then they look to only get the one window replaced.

As it turns out, you may get a better deal if you replace several windows at once.

Budgeting for window replacement is an important step in the process.

Whether you’re interested in replacing one malfunctioning window, replacing old windows with newer ones, or getting all new windows as part of a remodel on an out-of-date home, figuring out how much it’s going to cost is important, and there are several factors.

What Should You Consider When Getting New Windows?

First, you need to decide how many windows you’ll replace.

Of course more windows is going to mean more money. But if you’re in need of multiple windows, the cost of installation can go way down if you’re installing them all at the same time.

Ask your window contractor about the cost of replacing one window versus all your windows.

Next, you will need to decide the type of windows you’ll purchase for your replacement.

Certain types of windows will have different costs. Many window contractors will offer inflated prices, so it’s important to shop around for different types of windows and installation prices.

The average cost for window replacement last year was just under $5,000 per home.

Of course there were window replacement jobs as low as $450 all the way up to over $10,000. It all depends on your home, your needs, your budget, and your window preferences.

It’s smart to budget around $5,000 for your window replacement and then “window” shop for your window provider.

Finding a local and trustworthy window installer will make your budget go twice as far.

Mountain States Windows & Siding is a company that provides windows and siding with affordable prices and trustworthy installation. They can work with any window replacement budget and ensure that your home ends up with beautiful, functional windows that work for you.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with Mountain States so that they can answer them for you.

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