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How Many Leaky Windows Should I Replace?

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It’s not a great feeling – you walk past a window just to feel an icy draft seeping in. Or you check your utilities bill and find that you are wasting much more air conditioning this summer than you did last summer, despite keeping it around the same temperature. You’ve got leaky windows, and they’re costing you money. They may also be disrupting your comfort, and possibly making your home less secure. So what do you do?

The first thing you need to do is to assess all the windows in your home. If one is leaky, there’s a chance that all the windows are the same age and more could be experiencing problems. At various points in the day, walk by each of the windows in your home and feel with a bare hand the air all around them. Days with extreme temperature will make it easier to tell if air and temperature are making their way into your home. Inspect the seal, window frames, and look for any warping or obvious cracks.

Pricing & Budget
Obviously, the most effective way to tackle leaky windows is to replace all of your windows at once. You can choose a high efficiency glass that will reflect light and better insulate your home. However, we understand that a total window replacement can be expensive and unnecessary. The next step is to figure out a budget with which you’re completely comfortable. Price out options of various windows, and you can start to determine how many windows you can afford to replace.

Which to Replace?
Any with sealant issues can be more easily repaired with a fresh line of caulk or other sealant, so focus more on windows that leak due to warping, damage, aging, or improper hanging. Fixing the leaky windows nearest your thermostat can prevent your AC from working overtime when it senses cold or hot air from drafty windows nearby. Windows in bedrooms are essential for comfort, so fixing those windows can be very effective. Finally, if windows are leaking due to damage you will want to fix floor-level windows first out of safety and security of your home.

Who Do I Call?
Once you’ve figured out which windows need replacing, and which you’d like to tackle first – it’s time to call an expert. Mountain States Windows & Siding will give you a free consultation that includes their professional opinion for making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. We can then provide affordable and trustworthy service to fix any and all windows. You deserve a leak-free home, so let us plug those leaks!

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