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How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

Vinyl Windows

It’s a common question we answer all the time – How long will my windows last? If I’m going to invest in new windows, how long can I expect them to operate as designed? I just bought an older home – how long will these windows last me if they are already 20+ years old?

It’s important to know how long windows will last, because windows are often forgotten in a home. You don’t realize that your energy bills are going up, there are more drafts, or your home is undergoing more wear-and-tear because it’s so gradual. Instead, when you know how long your windows are supposed to last you can be looking ahead to identify for repairs or replacement.

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last?

The average life expectancy for windows is between 20 and 40 years, but there are many contributing factors. Windows that open and shut will have shorter expectancy than fixed windows, and open-and-shut windows that are frequently used will obviously take more wear. Windows in direct sunlight for most of the day will experience more aging as well. Hot climates or climates with large swings in temperature may experience issues with expanding and contracting due to temperature. Humid and high-precipitation climates may introduce water damage. Expect at least 20 years unless there is significant damage from natural disasters or accidents, and then add more based on the use and wear.

Extending Window Life

You can extend the life of your windows by applying screens, protective coatings, extra sealant, sheet liners, and covering the windows with shades or overhanging protections. This is especially helpful in harsh climates or windows in direct, bright sunlight during most of the day. Doing a careful and meticulous cleaning 2-3 times per year can also keep your windows in top condition and alert you to problems early.


Another thing to consider is the warranty on your windows. The contractor will likely provide some type of warranty on your whole house or the windows themselves. Before the warranty is up you will want to inspect each of the windows for damage, gaps, cracks, or excessive wear. Any warping or other damage will likely be covered fully, while repairs or replacements may be partially covered under the warranty.

If you are living in an older home or you are unsure of the warranty, call Mountain States Windows & Siding to get a free consultation and quote for the price of a repair or replacement.


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