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Helpful and Stylish Window Accessories

Stylish Window Accessories

Windows are the unsung heroes in our homes. We need them to bring in light and air, and they can create a stylish statement from the inside and out. Often there isn’t much you can do to change the location or style of your windows without a big and expensive upgrade, but there are ways to improve your current window situation without a full remodel. There are plenty of accessories out there to make your windows work better for you.

5 Helpful and Stylish Window Accessories

  1. Exterior Shutters. These can be functioning or decorative, but either way they can add serious curb appeal to your home without much work. Many of the options are easy to DIY and can upgrade the look of your home in a single weekend. Paint them an accent color or the same color as your siding for a seamless look – it’s up to you!
  2. Window Clings. Window films and clings can be particularly effective for windows that face direct sunlight for much of the day. There are blackout films, UV filtering films, and reflective films, all which can help keep your home cooler and more temperature-stable.
  3. Window Well Covers. Window well covers are a great option not only for safety, but also for preventing difficult maintenance. Window well covers can prevent leaves, dirt, water, and snow from clogging up your window wells and causing deterioration or damage. Covers can also prevent small animals and other pests from making a home out of your window well.
  4. Window Bars. There are many reasons to install window bars, but safety is a primary one. Bars on low-level windows can prevent break ins, and bars on second-story windows can prevent falls (or escapes) of children. Tight bars can also protect your windows against soccer balls or other projectiles which might threaten your windows.
  5. Flower Boxes. Flower boxes can be purchased from most home improvement stores or even floral nurseries in the spring. You can also make an easy DIY flower box with wood, nails, glue, and paint. Mount these to your siding below your front windows and fill with your favorite flowers, hanging shrubbery, herbs, or other plants. It’s a quick way to make your home more personalized while increasing curb appeal.

These accessories are not dramatic or expensive changes, so they’re the perfect way to start experimenting with the windows in your home.


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