Garden Windows vs. Bay Windows


Windows are an important part of any home—they increase your quality of life and the monetary value of the house. If you’re looking to make a statement with a window—both garden windows and bay windows are great options.

Both of these styles project outward, giving more space in your home and a more peripheral view of the outdoors. This will allow your home to receive more natural light and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Because garden and bay windows are exposed to the elements more than other windows, they are built to be weather-resistant and stronger than your typical window. This will also increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Not only do these windows add to the inside of your home, but they also add a positive aesthetic from the outside as well. They allow you to have a better view of your yard, neighborhood, and surroundings. Though both garden windows and bay windows are a great addition to any home, they are different window styles. Both have their own pros and cons.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are also known as greenhouse windows. They are constructed to project from the exterior of the house. It provides a display space—perfect for showing off your garden. Potted plants are often displayed in garden windows.

Garden windows are a great option for herb gardens. Open up your kitchen with a garden window and an herb garden right at your fingertips. Fresh herbs, more natural light, and a beautiful display.

If you want excessive light in your house, garden windows are a great way to go. Garden windows use four panes of glass, bringing more natural light into your home and making it a light and bright place.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are composed of a center fixed window and venting windows on both sides—these venting windows can be double-hung or casement. Bay windows tend to be bigger, because of their size and shape, they offer a space for window seats. Window seats are a welcome addition to any room. They are the perfect place to read and relax with a great view. Bay windows can also provide a space to display things like a Christmas tree.


There are many differences between the two extensive windows styles. Garden and bay windows mainly differ in their functionality. Bay windows are usually a focal point of a room, often providing a space like window seats. Garden windows are smaller and act more like an interior shelf. Bay windows are not as angled as garden windows. Bay windows typically use a 25 to 45-degree angle. Garden windows usually angle closer to a 90-degree angle.

If you are interested in adding either garden or bay windows to your home, contact us at Mountain States Windows! Our team will have your home upgraded with a new window fixture in no time.