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Foam-Backed Vinyl Siding By Mastic

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Foam-Backed Vinyl Siding By Mastic
Installing foam-backed vinyl siding to your home is a better way to side your home than the traditional practice of affixing a sheet of foam under the vinyl. The Structure Home Insulation System by Mastic bonds low-maintenance, environmentally sound vinyl to expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam to produce a product that both saves energy and reduces maintenance.

8 Reasons to Selected Foam-Backed Vinyl Siding From Mastic

  1. Appearance. The product offers many qualities that are important when siding your home. As a homeowner, you do not want a cookie-cutter house that looks like everyone else’s in the neighborhood. The product comes in 28 colors and several lap siding widths and styles such as 4″, 6″, and 7″ clapboard and 4.5″ double Dutch lap.
  2. Labor Cost. Since the foam is integral to the siding, installation is a one-step process rather than two. To accommodate larger homes, the siding comes in 16′ lengths that will require fewer seams and also facilitates quicker installation. Special easy-to-install pieces for trim, corners, and around windows make finishing a snap.
  3. Durable. This foam-backed vinyl siding withstands weather better than traditional vinyl, which is what ages vinyl. With a thicker construction and a baked lacquer finish, Structure Home Insulation System ™ has a limited lifetime warranty against hail damage and excessive fading. The product is third-party VSI certified and meets ASTM D6864 and D3679 standards for color retention, weatherability, impact strength, and wind load resistance.
  4. Low Maintenance. This siding never needs painting or staining. An annual cleaning with a soft bristle brush and TSP, or professional power washing, is all that is needed.
  5. Structurally Sound. This Mastic product has 300% more impact resistance to weather, thermal distortion, and physical damage such as cracking. The panels are stronger and more rigid, the fold over nail hems is bigger, and the system that locks the panels together creates tighter, more weather resistant seams.
  6. Sustainable. Foam-backed siding by Mastic contain 50% recycled content. Made of natural resources such as salt and natural gas, along with stabilizers and antioxidants to improve performance, the manufacturing process produces little waste. The qualities have made the product eligible for LEEDs and NAHB green building credits and certifications.
  7. Breathable. With an EPS permeability of 5, the more than six gallons of water vapor produced by an average household escapes through the walls and prevents water from accumulating in the walls and incubating mold and mildew.
  8. Energy Efficient. Due to its foam backing, the Mastic siding has an R-value of R-3.0, which meets the requirements for Energy Star homes. Your whole home is covered with a blanket of continuous insulation that prevents air leakage. This helps save on energy bills, while making the home more comfortable and more soundproof, even if you live on a busy street.

The Structure Home Insulation System is a leader in foam-backed vinyl siding. For information about siding your home, contact Mountain States Windows & Siding for a free estimate.


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