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Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas

Easy DIY Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your home can be pricey—but with a little DIY inspiration you can make it a crafty and beautifully decorated place on a budget!

Pegboard Walls

A pegboard can fill an empty wall to provide décor and functionality. Fill these boards with shelves, pegs, hanging plants, mirrors, frames—the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can add a little color with a painted pegboard or nice rustic feel with a wooden pegboard.  

DIY A-frame Ladder Shelves

With just a couple of 2×4’s, a few 1×12 boards, some screws, a screwdriver, and some DIY spirit you can easily put together a ladder shelf. It will impress any visiting company that you were able to build a piece of furniture, but really, it’s easy that it looks! There are loads of ladder shelf tutorials out there—making this project easy to pull off and beautiful to look at.

Fake Linen Closet

No linen closet? No problem. Attach a few wicker baskets to the wall as a mock linen closet for a spot to hold extra towels and washcloths. This DIY is practical and looks better than a closet!

Blanket Ladder

Another simple woodworking project—built for function and styled to impress. A blanket ladder is a basic wooden ladder that leans up against a living room wall with blankets folded on each step.

Bath Tub Caddy

All you need for this a single piece of wood! You may want to stain it to give it a nice finish, but otherwise, it may be the easiest DIY out there. A wooden board that is slightly wider than the width of your bathtub can act like a bathtub caddy. Enjoy a warm soak with a book with no fear of getting the pages wet.

Tattooed Vase

This fun project can be done in minutes! All you need a blank vase and some temporary tattoos. And the best part? If you don’t like the way it turns out or you get sick of it, you can remove that tattoo with nail polish remover and do it again.

Hanging Frames

Instead of hanging plain old picture frames, add a ribbon or string behind the frame to create hanging frames. This simple DIY will add a little something to your wall display.

Branch Candle Holder

For this DIY, take a rustic looking log and carve three candle size holes. This rustic style craft makes a beautiful centerpiece or mantlepiece to tie together any living room.

DIY Drawer Dividers

Messy drawers make it tricky to find anything. Organize your drawers with some DIY dividers. You can make these with a few slabs of wood or keep it simple with some cardboard. If you’d like a nicer look, wrap up that cardboard in some cute wrapping paper or washi tape.

DIY Book Ends

There are many different ways you could go with this one. Creative a unique bookend by mounting a favorite figurine on a wooden slab. Cut up some wooden slab into triangles and paint them fun colors. Use recycled records or favorite CD cases, mount them on a metal or wooden stand to create a meaningful bookend full of memories.
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