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Don’t Repair Siding Yourself! Here’s Why …

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It’s time to start winterizing your home and yard. In just a few weeks we’ll be covered in a blanket of snow, and we’ll be grateful for a warm and cozy home. The key to a warm and cozy home? A protective exterior. The walls of your home should be a forcefield against the elements during an icy winter season. So what do you do if the walls of your keep are damaged?

Problems With Damaged Siding

There are a variety of problems you face when you have damaged siding. It could be that a kid ran a car, lawnmower, toy, or other large object into your siding, causing scrapes or holes. Damage could also be caused by trees or branches. Animals or pests can cause damage, too, especially if your siding is older or already showing signs of wear.

The first is often cosmetic – it just doesn’t look great. You may notice the damage because of the cosmetic appearance. Of course you will want to fix damaged siding so that your home looks fresh and new again. But there are bigger problems. Damage will likely increase, such as cracks traveling further or spreading wider, and crumbling parts deteriorating further. Another problem is pests, because they are constantly trying to find ways into your warm and delicious home. Leaving your siding damaged is practically inviting them to come join your holiday party.

Finally, damaged siding is not fully insulating your home, which can lead to higher utility bills and cold air infiltrating your home. You need it fixed – and fast.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Siding Repair

It can be tempting to just fix your siding yourself, especially as the days grow cold and you feel the urgency to complete all of your outside projects. You may also need to save as much money possible for the holiday season, because it’s pricey. But trying to repair your siding can cause serious problems.

  • Tools & Materials: Do you have access to tools you will need? What about wholesale prices for materials? You probably don’t. Instead, calling the experts means lower prices for materials, no renting or buying tools, and no mistakes with tools and materials with which you’re not familiar.
  • Time: Mountain States Windows & Siding can do it much faster, and you won’t have to take time off work or ruin an entire Saturday. We know what we’re doing.
  • Expertise: Do you understand how your siding is mounted to the walls of your home? What do you do if you find water damage behind your siding – or pests? Unfortunately people who aren’t experienced with siding materials find that they can cause MORE damage with mistakes and missteps.
  • Cost: You will be surprised at how affordable siding repair can be when you go with a trustworthy company like Mountain States Windows & Siding. It can actually cost you less, because you’re likely to buy multiple attempts worth of materials and tool rental or purchase. Trust us. We’re worth it.

Check for siding damage now, and book Mountain States Windows & Siding for siding repair.


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