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Don’t Like Vinyl? 3 Other Siding Options For You

Dont Like Vinyl_ 3 Other Siding Options for You

Vinyl siding is very popular, due to its price, resilience, and easy to custom made for your needs. Vinyl siding is nearly everywhere, and there are a lot of good things to say about it. But we understand why some people might not be the biggest fans.

Vinyl is, as we said, everywhere, so the look isn’t always unique.

Some people really hate the plastic or shiny look of some vinyl siding options, and it can appear cheap as it is the most affordable option. For those looking beyond vinyl siding, there are plenty of other options that can transform your home and provide some serious curb appeal.

3 Non-Vinyl Siding Options

  1. Stone. Next to vinyl, stone is the most popular design option for contemporary homes. Full stone, a half stone wall, or stone columns are all options that can provide a different look for your home. Stone comes in a wide range of options. You can have your pick of size, color, texture, lay/pattern, cement color, and more. Stone siding can be a pricey option, but depending on the stone it should last the life of the house if properly treated. The luxurious look is always impressive.
  2. Stucco. Stucco has largely been the siding option for most of the United States for the past 50 years. It’s very durable, and can be painted any color you choose. The maintenance is so low key and repairs are fairly straightforward and easy. Stucco is especially resistant to weather, so it’s great for climates with extreme swings – like Utah. If you currently have stucco siding, it can be easily refreshed with new paint or additional coats of stucco, making it very customizable and easy to update.
  3. Wood. For a timeless, statement home you can look no further than wood siding. It’s absolutely stunning from every angle, and it always looks unique. You can choose the type and style of wood, even staining or painting it the way you’d like. Wood can take a little more upkeep, as you have to look for termite damage and other weather-related issues. It can be trickier to install, repair, or replace so choosing a professional siding contractor can make a big difference. But for the expensive and statement look – turn to wood siding.

If you’re looking for a siding contractor for a new build, or you’re considering updating the siding on your current home of business, Mountain States Windows & Siding has every option you could want with the affordable pricing and trust you deserve.

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