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DIY Window Insulation

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Did you know you’re losing expensive air conditioning through your windows every day?

Yes, even when they’re closed and tightly sealed!

It’s a natural process for hot and cold air to be able to pass through the conductive glass of windows around your home.

Think about it: if you stand near a window you are much more likely to feel the cold temperatures outside in winter, or the baking heat of summer. This is because your walls feature more layers and insulation, while windows are usually just simple glass.

If you’re concerned that your utility bill is high, or that your home is losing precious air conditioning due to poor insulation, you may want to turn your eye to your windows.

There are several ways for you to add insulation to your windows to keep your home more comfortable, and your utilities bill lower, by replacing your windows with Triple Pane Windows.

Easy Window Insulation Tips

Strengthen The Seal

Especially if your windows are older, you should be able to increase the insulation simply by re-caulking the edges of your windows, inside and out. You can also add new seals/weatherstrips in the sash of your window.

This is an easy project you can do yourself, even with little experience.

Heavy Curtains

If you have light linen or gauzy curtains, they can be replaced with heavier fabrics during the winter months to block out the cold and keep your warm head inside your home.

Curtain Lining

Adding a curtain liner that immediately faces your window can help insulate your home very effectively. Curtain liners usually include some type of reflective coating or layer that will prevent hot sunny rays from warming the inside of your house during summer months.

Window Film

There are a variety of window insulation films on the market today, and most of them are incredibly simple to DIY. You simply measure, cut, apply, and gently warm to get a perfect seal and fit.

This added layer of protection for your windows can prevent quite a bit of heat transfer without changing the look of your windows.


Use curtains in conjunction with window shades to develop a system that provides extra insulation for your windows.

Pulling both the shades and the curtains can effectively trap your air conditioning and prevent most of it from seeping outside through the glass.

Taking some time to insulate your windows with DIY projects can reap huge benefits for both your utility bill and the comfort of your home.

If you find you still need help with window projects in your home, call or contact Mountain States Windows & Siding today!

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