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DIY Window Flower Box

Flower Box

Flowers are the prettiest way to spruce up your curb appeal. They may take a little more work than a new doormat or painting your front door, but the effort isn’t too much and it’s a worthwhile hobby. Fresh plants are easy to maintain, easy to change, and a beautiful addition to any home. But what if you don’t have a yard? Or maybe your yard isn’t conducive to a fun flower bed? Or possibly you just can’t stand the idea of crouching over dirty patches in the scorching heat? A window flower box might be the right choice for you.

Window Flower Boxes allow you to see colorful arrangements right outside your window, without the prep work and kneeling that accompany a yard flower bed. Window boxes can go on the best side of your home, regardless of the size or shape of your yard in that area. They are easy to make and maintain, making this the perfect DIY project for your family this spring.

How To Make a DIY Flower Box

  1. First measure the length of your window. Then decide how deep and wide you’d like the box to be. This will depend on the plants of choice.
  2. Buy Wood. Cyprus, Ceader, Teak, or Mahogany are you best options for long term use and appearance without rot.
  3. Cut Pieces. If you want to get fancy you can bevel the edges, or cut notches so the pieces fit together perfectly. That’s more advanced, and if you you just want 90 degree rectangle boxes that will do just fine!
  4. Nail & Fill. Nail the pieces together into the box shape you prefer. If you prefer a more custom look you can also nail molding to the outside of the boxes. Fill the nail holes for a seamless exterior.
  5. Paint, Stain, Seal. Now is the time to paint or stain your flower box with the color you prefer. Remember that this box will be outside and exposed to the elements, so get the most weather resistant you can afford.
  6. Drain Holes. Drill drain holes every 6 inches or so to keep your flower boxes from getting gross or overfilling.
  7. Mount Brackets. Use metal, wood, or plastic brackets depending on the exterior of your home. Using silicone or other plastic sealant on the metal screws can prevent rust and help sticking power.
  8. Fill! Choose your beautiful flower options, plant and fill with rich dirt, and begin enjoying the pretty curb appeal and view from your window. Make it part of your routine to fill it with water ever few days and check to be sure it is draining and growing properly.

This entire project will take you only half a day, so head to your local home improvement store this next Saturday and you can have beautiful flower boxes to enjoy by Sunday morning. Give your windows a little love this spring!

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