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DIY Plastic Window Insulation

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Insulation is what keeps you comfortable.

Poorly insulated homes have frequent issues with temperature, humidity, drafts, pests, and other annoying discoveries.

The utility bills for poorly insulated homes are always higher, and often without the owners even realizing it.

Their bill just keeps creeping higher and higher, and they pay it without thinking or just leave it set to autopay without wondering “Am I paying a normal amount for my utilities?

Is it possible that something is wrong with my home?”

On the other hand, homes with reliable and quality insulation are much more comfortable, true to temperature, and always more energy efficient.

Insulation is a factor of your home’s age, construction, wall thickness, quality of siding, the number of windows, quality of windows, and of course the environment in which you live.

If you realize that your utility bill has been climbing, or you live in a particularly cold climate like Utah in the winter, you may want to start looking at ways to properly insulate or protect your home.

Save Money By Updating Your Insulation

DIY Plastic Window InsulationThe very best way to insulate your home is to invest in quality siding, which adds an extra layer of protection against the cold and helps your home retain it’s hard-earned and expensive heat.

The next step is to look at old or drafty windows and to consider replacing them.

Of course, not everyone is ready for such an investment.

Today we’re suggesting that you think about adding a layer of plastic to your windows for added insulation – and you can do-it-yourself!

Take a trip to your nearest and most trustworthy home improvement store.

In the window section, you should find a variety of window insulation treatments.

Some are dark and thick, meant for basement windows or vacation homes that go unused for part of the year.

Others are more thin and transparent, meant to be just an extra layer of insulation for your everyday house windows.

Find one that you think would work for you and fit a test window.

Go home and carefully follow the directions – including cleaning, preparation, the necessary tools, heating, trimming, and smoothing.

After a few days if you feel the plastic window insulation is functional and helpful, return to buy more for the remaining windows in your home.

Testing out one first is always a good rule of thumb!

If you find that your home needs more help in the way of insulation and energy efficiency, don’t stop at DIY plastic window insulation.

Call or contact Mountain States Windows & Siding about providing your home with beautiful, updated, energy-efficient options for better insulation and a decreased utility bill.

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