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Decorating Your Home: What’s Trending in 2021

Decorating Your Home: What's Trending in 2021

Decorating your home is what makes your space feel special, and everyone has their own set style that they love. However, new home decor trends seem to pop up now and then.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular home decorating trends for 2021 that you just might want to incorporate in your humble abode.  

Indoor Plants 

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest and in magazines over the last year, and there’s nothing that can stop this trend now. Houseplants bring the greenery inside to create a more earthy color palette while filtering the air inside your home. If you’re looking to become a plant parent, start with one of these plants that are perfect for beginners. 

Decorative Lighting

When decorating your home, consider using decorative lighting as a statement piece. Hang statement pendants over your kitchen island or lively wall sconces on each side of the best. Also, consider changing out your regular incandescent bulbs for smart lighting options. According to Good Housekeeping, setting lighting schedules and setting an ambiance is a great way to make your home more comfortable and functional. 


Textured wallpaper, textured fabrics, textured kitchen backsplashes, you name it. Mixing and matching textures has never been so popular. Use natural textures for a cozy look or more rigid surfaces that will make your home look more modern. 

Natural Light

Bring in as much natural light as possible to brighten up your space and make the room look and feel bigger. Try hanging some sheer curtains or leave the windows bare. Let the sunshine illuminate your home for a happy and welcoming environment. 

Earth Tones

As you’re decorating your home, think about bringing in the color of natural elements. Earth tones in a home can make it feel more cozy.. Use warm greys, natural greens, deep reds, and wood-colored browns in your home decor to create a welcoming environment. Plus, these natural tones will compliment your new house plants!

Creative Storage

This trend is every homeowner’s dream. Create more space and feel less cluttered by getting creative with your storage. When shopping for decor, look for multipurpose pieces, like benches with shoe storage underneath them or a credenza with plenty of shelving. You might even consider looking into customizing your kitchen cabinets to provide you with more space.

Home Offices and Workspaces

Who else saw this one coming? When 2020 came and went, it left us with the work-from-home craze. So naturally, homeowners are getting creative with their new home offices and workspaces. For the kid’s rooms, consider a space-saving floating desk where they can do their homework. For a home office fit for the working professional in the house, create a space where you can let your creativity flow. Keep it clean and simple while making it a place where you will feel comfortable for extended periods. 

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