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Decorating Tips for a New House

Decorating Tips for a New House

Decorating a new house is exciting, but it can also be a daunting task. You don’t have to be a professional designer to put together a well-designed house.

Following just a few simple tips when making decorating choices can help you achieve a well-curated look that will serve as your living space for years to come. And remember, when it comes to decorating, the most important thing is to represent yourself in your style.

Overall, remember to do what you like! But following some other tips may help you avoid making some design faux pas.

1. Go Light or Neutral for Wall Colors

Sticking to neutral colors that are easy to match, particularly for your main floor, is very important. It will make decorating the rest of the house much easier. Having light and neutral walls will give you flexibility when it comes to decorating. You can easily redecorate an entire room without needing to repaint when you have walls that match so many things. Light colors will also help spaces feel larger.

2. Natural Lighting

Want your space to feel light and open? Include natural lighting. Large windows or well-placed windows will help you to create a room full of natural light. Using certain window treatments will also help to elevate this feeling—lightweight and sheer fabrics and coverings will blend well and welcome in more light.

3. Utilize Mirrors

Similar to windows, mirrors also have the ability to make a room feel larger. They can also reflect light to help a room feel brighter and more spacious. Place mirrors perpendicular to windows. When you place them directly across from windows, they will reflect the light right back out the window.

4. Layering Your Lighting

Each room should have three sources of light—natural, ambient, and accent. Natural lighting should come from a window, ambient from overhead illumination, and accent usually from a lamp or a small light highlighting a vanity or artwork. Giving the different sources of light to your room will create dimensions that a single lit room can’t achieve.

5. Anchor Rugs

There are a few basic rules to follow to make are rugs work in a room. First, all legs of any furniture should fit on it, or at least the front two legs of a sofa or chair. Getting the right rug size is very important, it can really throw off the room otherwise.

6. Mix Up Patterns and Textures

Of course, you want your room to match, to have a certain flow—but too matching is not good either. It’s a good rule of thumb to include a small, medium, and large print in each room when decorating.

7. Remember Your Curb Appeal

Decorating your house starts with the outside—that is the first impression your house will have on all who see it. You can make a big impression with your front door. Going with a bold color can add a splash to your front entrance. Remember the value that your curb appeal adds to your house.


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