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Declutter Your Closets with Four Valuable Tips

Declutter Your Closets with Four Valuable Tips

Closets are the easiest places for clutter to accumulate, but they are also the easiest places to declutter and organize. Keep reading to learn these four valuable tips to decluttering your closet and having a place for everything.

1. Ask Yourself These Questions

Before going in and throwing everything out and starting over, ask these questions, akin to the Marie Kondo style:

Do I love it? 

Do I wear it?

Does it fit?

Is it old?

Does it smell or is moldy or stained?

Do the shoes still fit?

Are my shoes in good shape, without stains, rips, or smells?

Does it itch or scratch?

Does it project the image I want to project?

Once you answer those questions with each piece of clothing and your shoes, you can organize them in containers or piles. Now, you may love something and only wear it on special occasions, but if those occasions are few and far between, you may want to consider just how much you do love it. You may also have clothing that has some sentimental value, but if it’s cluttering up your closet, it may be time to store it away or get rid of it.

Continue to read about these six valuable tips to having a decluttered and organized closet.

2. Declutter Through Donation or Consignment

If you decide you want to donate some clothes, think about someone, or someplace that is deserving. Once you’re done purging, you can take the boxes or bags to where they need to go. You can also check out local consignment shops for your gently used or pricey items. 

If there are other items you would like to get rid of, consider holding a yard sale.

3. Keep a Donation Box

After you declutter your closet, place a donation bin or basket in your closet, so you can regularly toss items you no longer want. This keeps your closet clean and organized and allows you to take regular inventory of the clothes you have.

If you still want them but don’t wear them, put them in a keepsake box and store them. If they’re stained, old and musty-smelling, don’t fit, or don’t give you joy when wearing them, toss them. This goes for your shoes as well.

4. Every Item Has its Place

Decide what goes into the closet. If it’s just clothes and shoes, then only put those items in there. Although a closet typically ends up as a catch-all, if you discipline yourself, you establish a healthy habit of keeping it clean and organized. If shoes take over the floor, consider purchasing a shelf or hanging shoe rack that allows you to organize them neatly. Ensure everything you hang is placed on hangars correctly, so they can’t fall off when searching for things to wear.

If you are decluttering a linen closet, go through and see what doesn’t belong in there and move it to a better place. Storage bins are great for storing extra towels, washcloths, sheets, and pillowcases. Toilet paper can be stored in its separate container as well, along with cleaners.


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