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De-Winterize Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

un winterizing your home

Winterizing a home is an important step if the property will be vacant for even just a few weeks during the winter months. The harsh weather and cold temperatures can cause serious damage to a home or property, and the costs can be enormous. Some people prefer to “snowbird” and visit a warmer climate for the winter months, or sometimes a landlord will find that their property will be vacant during the winter months. In these cases, they will winterize the home or property in the late fall to prepare. So what do you do when it’s time to de-winterize?

De-Winterizing is also important, even though many people just move right back in and get on with their lives. De-winterizing a house can ensure appropriate energy usage and safe occupation of the home. Today we’re sharing 5 easy steps to de-winterizing your property.

5 Easy Steps to De-Winterizing Your Property

  1. Water Heater – if you’ve just turned it to “Vacation” mode, turn it back to your preferred temperature setting. If you turned it off completely, you’ll need to turn off the power to the heater first, then turn the water back on. Once the tank is filled completely you can turn on the power again.
  2. Toilets – Turning off the shutoff valves is easy, but make sure you also flush several times. Watch carefully for any weird behavior, and be sure the pressure seems appropriate.
  3. Test Temperature – It’s important to check your home’s air conditioning – not just the temperature you want. Does it work to go hot and cold? If not you may have an issue that needs fixing.
  4. Leak Check – check for leaky faucets, pipes, toilets, showers, and any other water sources in the home. Then carefully check the seal in all the windows on the property. If the windows appear damaged by weather they may need repair or replacing.
  5. Run Water – be sure to run faucets for a minute to clear out any buildup. It’s also smart to run your dishwasher and washing machine totally empty first before you throw in a load to clean. Watch for leakage or other issues, so you can have them repaired more quickly and without ruining your possessions.

These steps will allow you to enjoy your home or rental without any nasty surprises that can come from the issues of freezing water and damaging weather. Taking the time to check your water sources, appliances, and windows will be a quick way to ensure the long life and comfort of your home. If you do need help fixing up a winterized home and your windows are looking a little worse for wear – call Mountain States Windows & Siding today!

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