Cleaning Siding: What Not To Do

Cleaning Siding: What Not To Do

Is your house getting dingy? Cleaning siding will make all of the difference and give your property a fresh look. 

After a hot, dusty summer, it is easy for the siding of our house to be dusty and dirty. Washing your siding will make all of the difference in curb appeal. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to cuddle up for the fall months.

However, if you are not careful, you can damage your siding while cleaning it. Follow a few guidelines to protect your house.

Don’t Just Start Cleaning

Different types of siding need to be cleaned in different ways. For example, a cleaner that can be used on vinyl can cause damage to wood. Make sure that you know what kind of material you are working with. Common siding materials are wood, vinyl, and stucco. If you have wood, you will want to also know what type of wood as that can affect what cleaner you can use. Research which cleaner you should use on your material. Observe how the siding fits together so that you can avoid getting cleaner or water where it shouldn’t be.

Don’t Use a Pressure Washer on Full Blast

Siding needs to be gently cleaned. Using a pressure washer on high will cause damage to your siding and will get water and cleaner in between and behind your siding causing long-term damage. Use a long-handled bristle brush or a pressure washer on low. If you use a pressure washer on low, make sure that the pressure washer stays more than six feet away from the siding. You can use a hose afterward to gently clean away all of the grime and cleaner, leaving your siding clean and bright.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Materials

It is tempting to start blasting away with harsh chemicals and a pressure washer at full blast. After all, your siding is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, right? While your siding is made to last for many years, it still needs to be handled with care. Choose a gentle cleaner. Do research based upon your manufacturer’s instructions and what type of siding you have. Oxygen bleach, vinegar, and some laundry detergents or household cleaners will work for cleaning siding. You do not need to purchase a specific cleaner for washing your siding. Be aware of your landscaping when choosing your cleaner. If you have plants near the house, make sure you are choosing a cleaner that will not harm them.

Some siding is beyond cleaning and needs replacing. High-quality siding can improve the worth of your home and your curb appeal. If this is your situation, consider Mountain States Window & Siding.

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