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Christmas Lights Preventing Damage To Your Home

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Is there anything better than a street of cheerful holiday-lit homes?

Everyone stringing up lights and yard ornaments that fit their style and personality, celebrating the festive season, and spreading smiles to everyone – it’s almost like a Christmas card come to life! However, hanging holiday lights can also be a huge strain on you and your home if not done correctly.

We have some tips and tricks for you to help this holiday season pass more smoothly and safely for you and your home.

Research Smart Lights

LED lights are a much better option than the traditional lights you’re used to. Even better – solar powered lights, though more expensive up front, do not require a timer or electricity!

Buy The Right One

Carefully measure and purchase your lights. You don’t want to end up with too many or two few lights! For outdoor lights, measure the feet of your roof, windows, or wherever you plan to hang your lights, then buy the appropriate amount of lights for that area.

Test First!

You don’t want to mount them across your roof or wind them around your tree just to find thathalf of the bulbs don’t light. Take some time to untangle and test your strands, and to replace any broken or burnt out bulbs before setting up.

Team Up!

Whenever possible, get a partner or two to assist you when mounting your own outdoor Christmas lights. You’re more likely to injure yourself or damage your home if it’s you, by yourself, getting tired in the cold.

Gutter and Siding Clips

The best way to protect your vinyl siding is to avoid drilling holes into it. This means the screw-in hooks aren’t the best options for you. Consider gutter and siding clips instead. These clip harmlessly onto gutters and vinyl slabs, providing hooks that you can easily slip your lights onto damage-free. There are also adhesive hook options that work well in most climates.

Use Extension Cords Wisely

Invest in heavy duty extension cords that are approved for outdoor use. Most electricians recommend that you only string together 4-5 strands of lights into an extension cord to prevent shorts and other problems.

Invest in Timers

Timers aren’t particularly expensive or difficult to use, but they can make a

big difference in keeping your home safe from overheating, burning out, or other problems. Not to mention they’ll save you big time on energy costs! Set your timers and then check them periodically to be sure they’re working.

This holiday season is a great opportunity to change your holiday lighting habits or invest in products that will keep your home safe and festive. If you have more questions about your vinyl siding or protecting your home’s exterior call or contact Mountain States Windows & Siding today!

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