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Choosing The Right Windows

Choosing The Right Windows

There are many factors to consider when choosing windows for your home. Windows do more than give coverage for your home. You need to factor in things such as glass, the make of the frame, the design, and the installation. The right window can make your home more energy-efficient and add a beautiful aesthetic to your house.  


  • Wood—A wood frame gives a classic and offers the best insulative value. Wood is not prone to much heat and cold transfer. A well-built wooden frame made with quality wood will stand the test of time. However, wood is prone to rotting; it may not be ideal for humid climates. 
  • Aluminum—Aluminum is long-lasting and a great option for a humid or rainy climate. These frames are solid and weather resistant. However, aluminum does have a high amount of heat and cold transfer. 
  • Vinyl—This less expensive option. Vinyl comes in limited colors, excellent energy efficiency, and reduced air leakage. The vinyl frame look isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is an affordable option. 
  • Wood-Clad—As a combination of either vinyl or aluminum and wood. Because it combines various materials, it can offer low maintenance, temperature-transfer-resistant frame. 
  • Fiberglass—These technical composite windows are made of glass fibers and polyester resins. This is a more expensive option, but it does provide for some sturdy and durable frames. 
  • Composite—Made of scrap wood shavings and plastic resins, composite frames are virtually maintenance-free and a very eco-friendly choice. 


Glass is an essential component of any window. There are a few things to consider when choosing your glass. The high-quality glass will help you to keep your desired temperature inside. Consider the following things when looking at the glass:

  • U-value—The U-value measures a window’s heat loss resistance.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient—The solar heat gain coefficient, also known as SHGC, measures the amount of heat that enters the home through the glass itself. 


Windows designs tend to be pretty straight forward. For a more decorative look, there are options such as a half-moon, circle, or sunburst. 


When it comes to installation, there are a few different ways you can install your windows to make that will give you different functions. 

  • Double-hung windows—Double-hung windows are a traditional style that is in many homes. Double-hung means the bottom slides up to open the window. 
  • Casement windows—Casement windows are an excellent option for windy climates because they seal themselves so tightly. They are an excellent option for efficiency and stability. Casement windows swing out to open—meaning they require hinges and seals. 
  • Picture windows—Picture windows don’t usually open, which can make them very efficient at keeping the outside air out.

If you need help choosing the right windows for your home contact Mountain States Windows & Siding. 


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