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Can You Remove Tint from Home Windows?

Can You Remove Tint From Home Windows

When the tinting on your home windows gets scratched and worn, you might wonder if you’re able to remove tint yourself or with the help of a pro.

While tinting on home windows isn’t extremely common, according to Bob Vila, it’s an excellent option to keep the house cool in the summertime and for added privacy in your home. However, when the tint is applied to a window, it may need to be removed and replaced after some time. Continue reading to learn more about eliminating tint from your home windows. 

When It’s Time to Remove Tint 

If your home windows have been tinted for quite some time, you may need to consider removing the tint to replace it. Window tint that is damaged can be unsightly, so here are some signs to look out for so you know when it’s time to replace: 

  • The tint is faded 
  • The film is peeling in the edges and corners 
  • The tint has noticeable scratches 
  • Your air conditioning bill is going up due to the weakening tint 

Another possibility is that you’ve recently moved into a new home with tinted windows and you’re not sure if it suits your style. In any of these cases, it’s time to remove the tinting film.

Calling a Professional Versus Doing It Yourself

According to many professionals in the window tinting industry, removing tint is not an overly complicated process. However, it can be a long process that takes time and patience. If you’re busy and would rather have someone else do it for you, there are many professionals in the tinting business that are happy to assist you. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, here’s a quick guide on how to remove tint yourself: 

  1. Grab a clothes steamer or a hairdryer and start heating up the part of the window in which you’d like to start peeling. This will help to loosen the adhesive and leave less residue on the glass window. Make sure to keep the hairdryer or steamer moving in order to prevent the film from melting.
  2. Once the film has become loose in that area, you can take a straight razor edge to separate the film from the glass carefully. 
  3. If the adhesive is loose enough, you should be able to continue to peel it back by hand. 
  4. As you peel back the tint film, continue to heat the film for easy removal. 
  5. Once all the film has been removed, clean the window with an ammonia solution to dissolve any remaining residue. For your safety, use only small amounts of ammonia at a time in a well-ventilated area.

Should You Replace the Windows Instead? 

There’s a good chance that if the tint on your windows is relatively old, the windows themselves are older. While windows are made to last, you may want to consider replacement windows altogether if they show signs of aging. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to replace your windows: 

  • Drafty windows and higher energy bills – If your windows are shut, but you can still feel a slight breeze when you’re near them, it’s time to replace them. When windows leak air from the outside, you end up spending more on energy bills as you crank up the heater to keep your home warm. 
  • Warping or discoloration – If your window frames are discolored or soft, it’s due to moisture getting in through the windows. Too much water in the wrong places can lead to inefficient and unappealing windows. 
  • Moisture between window panes – If moisture is built up between the two panes of your window, you’re likely dealing with a broken seal, and it may be time to repair or replace.

Mountain States Windows and Siding Has You Covered

If you’re looking to save time, forget about learning how to remove tint, replace your windows with Mountain States Windows and Siding. We offer all kinds of window options that are sure to please. Serving Park City, West Jordan, South Jordan, Lehi, Spanish Fork, and all the Utah cities in between, we guarantee that you’ll receive the best service. Stop by our store in Lehi, or request an estimate online today to get in touch with us! 

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