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Can New Windows & Siding Increase the Value of Your Home?


We talk to a lot of people wanting to upgrade or update their homes. Sometimes they’re tired of the dated and worn down fixtures of their home. Sometimes they are looking to increase the value of their home for a refinancing or sale. Either way, we often encourage them to consider adding new windows and siding to their homes because it does increase the value of the home in three major ways.

3 Ways New Windows & Siding Increases the Value of Your Home

  1. It’s Newer. It’s pretty simple, right? New windows and new siding are just worth more than older windows and siding. They will last much, much longer than the existing windows and siding, which means fewer expensive replacements or maintenance over time. It can be tempting to focus updates on the kitchen or bathrooms, but it’s well worth it to take a look at the exterior of your home and determine if new siding or windows could be beneficial.The newer versions of windows and siding are also much more durable and effective than older styles, but we’ll talk about that next.
  2. Energy Efficiency. One of the lesser known ways that new windows and siding increases the value of your home is by making it far more energy efficient. Siding better insulates your home from every side, keeping your expensive air conditioning in and the extreme temperatures of the environment out. New windows are also better insulated, and can provide you with sun reflection where you need it. When you, or the new owner, understands what new windows or siding saves them in utility bills then the increase in value is obvious.
  3. Curb Appeal. Better looking smaller homes sell for much more than slightly larger homes with older style. Updating the exterior of your home with a more modern siding can add thousands to the listing price of your home. Statement windows are worth much more than they cost. Adding new windows or siding is a great way to update an older home to make it stand out to home buyers. Updating the kitchen or bathroom won’t mean much to a buyer who hates the old school look of your older home, but draw them in with the curb appeal and you could be fielding multiple offers.

If you are wondering about the value you could add to your home with new windows or siding, call Mountain States Windows & Siding today for quotes and consultation. We can help you increase the value of your home for refinancing, sale, or just your own preferences.

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