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Best Storage Containers For Each Room In Your Home

Best Storage Containers For Each Room In Your Home

It’s a new year and the holidays are over for now, but your home could use some reorganizing. It’s never too early to begin spring cleaning, especially if it’s cold and snowy outside. Continue reading to see a list of storage containers that work best for every room in your home.

Family/Living Room

If you have couches that sit off the floor, consider slim storage bins to store children’s craft supplies, such as coloring books, crayons, scissors, glue, etc. You can also put throw blankets in them for cold nights.


You should protect the essential documents in your home with a fireproof file box with key. SentrySafe offers one that keeps records safe from a fire up to thirty minutes at 1550 °F. It also carries with it a lifetime after-fire replacement and a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Also, consider shelving to keep folders, binders, and books organized.

Bedroom Closet

Closets get cluttered when clothes fall off hangers or shoes get tossed in without any organization. Closets are typically a catch-all for anything we don’t have time or don’t care about and can be hidden. A great choice then is a modular shelf. This storage system has a place for your shoes, sweaters, purses, or anything else stuffed in a closet. It’s affordable and easy to install.

Another excellent storage container is one that fits under your bed. A shallow container can store blankets, throw pillows, shoes, books, or other misfits items with which you can’t find a place.

Kids Bedroom

Waterproof storage baskets are great for organizing stuffed animals, books, art projects, shoes, or anything else you want to store in your child’s bedroom. They’re sturdy and look nice. The great thing is the fibers don’t break down or have sharp points of traditional wicker baskets, so little ones are safe. Also, consider getting shelves with bins attached to them. They’re color-coordinated, so you can teach kids to put their books in the yellow bin or shoes in the blue bin and so forth.


Shampoo and conditioner, body soap, shaving cream, loofahs, etc. can clutter the bathroom quickly. If under the sink or your drawers are chock full of stuff, it’s time to reorganize. A storage bin that’s not only non-toxic, durable, and safe to use in the bathroom, but also capable of holding many things? Yes, please. You can stack hollow carved organizer bins and store extra toilet paper, soaps, washcloths, or razor blades for safekeeping for under the sink or next to the toilet. They’re great for kid’s bathrooms as well.


If you’re like most people, the kitchen becomes the place to stick mail, appliance guides, cookbooks, or school homework folders. If you don’t have the time or money to build a cabinet for storage, investing in some file folders for homework and shallow bins for craft supplies or other items works just as well. If your cabinets need upgrading or you need more space, think about getting a new set that stores all your pots, pans, baking sheets, etc.


Your garage is not typically part of the house, per se, but if you need a place to store bikes, tools, gardening supplies, or other items an industrial storage rack is a perfect choice. These shelves are made for heavy-duty use and built to last a lifetime. It may also be worth building shelves to store holiday bins or electric tools, so each item has a place.


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