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Benefits of French Doors

French patio glass door

French doors are a beautiful and noticeable addition to any home or office. They are constantly featured in the gorgeous homes of the Parade of Homes, in interior design magazines, and all over Pinterest. Sometimes, though, homeowners or home buyers think that French doors are only for fancy homes.

Others may overlook them as an option simply because they seem more formal or too expensive. Some think they cause privacy and sound issues, so they opt for traditional doors. But what you may not know are all of the benefits that come with French doors.

Benefits of French Doors

  • Wow Factor. French doors can transform a space faster than almost anything. They are an excellent option for anyone looking to update a space without remodelling or expensive upgrades. It’s a quick and easy fix for a huge impact. There are a huge variety of French door styles – whether you want interior French doors to make your home office more accessible, frosted French doors for your entryway that give light but privacy, or bright and airy French doors leading to your back patio for evening reading. When you want to separate space, but not in an isolating way. They are great for joining a dining room with a kitchen, when you may want to run in and out of both. They’re a fantastic choice for exterior doors, for when you want to host indoor/outdoor gatherings.
  • Energy Efficiency. French doors are so much more energy efficient than sliding doors. They open and close more effectively, and they seal shut much better. This will help you retain your expensive air conditioning and reduce your energy bills. If you are struggling with your heat/cold intake you may want to consider replacing some windows or sliding glass with French doors instead. All glass doors wear down, show aging, and are, of course, breakable. French doors give you the structure and durability of a regular door with the surrounding frame, but the vision and impact of a glass door. French doors are a purchase that will last.
  • Light & Space. French doors are a very popular choice for smaller homes, or those lacking light. French doors create the illusion of more space, and they let in light which also makes a space feel larger. If you have a side of the home that has few windows, or gets less light than you’d like, adding French doors can increase the amount of light coming into the room, or make your dining-living-kitchen area seem larger.

If you’ve been thinking about adding French doors to your home or business, call Mountain States Windows & Siding today for a free consultation.


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