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9 Benefits of Replacement Windows You Hadn’t Considered

9 Benefits of Replacement Windows You Hadn't Considered

Replacement windows can make your home feel more comfortable, sound quieter, look better, and so much more.

Imagine this: you’re lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. Your bed is cozy and warm, and you’ve never been more comfortable in your life. Then, suddenly, your neighbor cranks their lawn mower on. 


Is that inside your house? 

You peel your eyelids open, drag yourself out of bed, and peer out of the window to see Jim, your friendly neighbor, working on his front yard. Turns out, your windows are just really old and don’t block out the sound like they used to.

Whether your windows lack insulation, won’t lock anymore, or won’t open, even by force, it may be time to get rid of your old, difficult windows for good.

Many property owners second guess this decision and ask questions like, “Will I really notice a difference?”, “What are the window replacement benefits?” and “Is it really worth it?” Getting new windows can seem like a big undertaking, so it’s essential to understand all the benefits of getting replacement windows for a house.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or similar ones, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the benefits of new windows and why replacing the old is one of the best moves a homeowner can make.

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9 Major Benefits of Replacement Windows 

If you are considering replacement windows for a house or business, understanding the perks of new windows is vital. Here are nine benefits you can expect with replacement windows:

1. New Windows Significantly Improve the Energy Efficiency in Your Property 

One of the biggest perks of installing new windows on your property is that you will be improving your home’s energy efficiency. Each new energy-efficient window will add so much more insulation to your house. 

When a property is well-insulated, the heating and air conditioning systems will not have to work as hard to satisfy your thermostat, resulting in using much less energy. This not only helps the planet, but you’ll also see a noticeable change in your utility bills

Sure, a total window replacement project for a house can be pricey. However, once you’ve replaced your old windows with energy-efficient ones, you can pocket all the money saved on your energy bills, helping offset the costs of new windows. It’s important to remember that buying new windows is an investment, and this particular investment has a great return.

Replacement Windows Help Extend the Life of Your HVAC System 

2. Replacement Windows Help Extend the Life of Your HVAC System 

If you don’t have to use your house’s heating and cooling systems often, you aren’t putting as much stress on it. It goes without saying, but you’re going to extend its life! This means tedious repairs won’t happen as often, and a dreaded replacement won’t be necessary as soon, which is essentially like putting money back in your pocket.

If you’ve ever had a major repair done on your HVAC system or needed to replace the entire thing, you know firsthand how costly it can be. In fact, HVAC replacements are one of the most expensive repairs a homeowner can face. That’s why taking the steps necessary to keep it functioning effectively and efficiently for as long as possible is essential.

So, property owners can extend the life of their current HVAC system by investing in replacement windows. If you need new windows anyway, the last thing you’ll want to do is pay thousands of dollars on repairs because your HVAC is running too much.

3. New Windows Operate Better

Dated houses typically have windows that do not function easily. Some old windows won’t open too easily and won’t lock (more on this below), and others won’t open at all. The former poses a major security issue, while the latter creates a safety issue in terms of being able to make a swift or easy exit in case of an emergency.
Regardless of how your windows don’t work, new windows will solve these problems, ensuring your loved ones are safe.

4. Increase Property Safety and Security With New Windows 

It’s nearly impossible to feel “at home” when you don’t feel safe or secure in your house, regardless of whether it’s daytime or not. If your windows are old, don’t lock, or are single-paned windows, you and your loved ones are not as safe as you deserve to be.

By replacing your current windows, you can vastly improve your overall safety, your family, and your home. This means you will rest easier each night knowing that everybody under your roof is safe and secure, much more so than they were before you invested in replacement windows.

This easy home improvement, combined with solid doors and a home security system, can make your property the safest one in the neighborhood. Safety is never something that we can take for granted, and new windows are a great way to get you that peace of mind.

New Windows Can Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

5. New Windows Can Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

As mentioned, replacement windows for a house can help improve insulation. In addition to your HVAC system not having to work so hard to reach your desired temp, your property will also feel so much more comfortable for you, your family, and any visitors you might have at any given moment.

If your house is always cold in the winter and hot in the summer, being at your house isn’t as relaxing, inviting, or enjoyable as you want it to be. If you aren’t comfortable in your home, others won’t be either, which is never the goal. 

Make your house an inviting, cozy, and comfortable haven where everyone enjoys gathering by getting new windows installed so that it’s much easier to regulate your home’s temperature.

6. New Windows Are Easier to Maintain 

Another major benefit of replacing your old windows is that today’s modern windows are so much easier to manage, clean, and maintain. We aren’t sure the last time we ever heard a homeowner complain about having too much time to clean their kitchen, catch up on laundry, and cook a meal, let alone clean their windows. We all lead busy lives; the last thing anyone wants to do is maintain windows.

Today’s modern windows require very little upkeep and are less susceptible to mess-related issues like mold and dust accumulation. A simple wipe with a damp cloth once in a while is more than enough to keep your windows looking as good as the day they were installed.

7. Lessen the Outside Noise You Hear Inside by Replacing Old Windows 

The sound of traffic, sirens, lawnmowers, construction, children, trains, and other noise-makers can be headache-inducing. You don’t even have to live in a busy area, like a big city, to want to quiet the outside noise you hear inside your home. Thankfully, there are things you can do to lessen the outside noise you hear inside! The best of which is new windows.

While replacement windows may not be able to silence the outside noise totally, they can do a decent job of cutting down on what you hear. And with that newfound quiet comes the ability to sleep better, relax effortlessly, and focus more easily without all the anxiety-raising sounds blasting into your airspace.

You may want to consider getting new windows if you live in a noisy area. Many property owners are surprised at how much quieter your house can be as a result.

8. New Windows Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

If you have an older house with old windows, odds are every single issue we’ve brought up is on a list of issues you have dealt with or are currently dealing with. And, to add insult to injury, your older windows not only lessen your property’s functionality but also make your house look dated.

Maybe it’s the way the windows were installed, or it could be the old wooden frames. It could also be the windows themselves, and the glass is cloudy. Regardless of what is causing your house to look old, they mostly look their age if you have old windows. 

The unfortunate reality is that the house looks dated if your windows are dated. This is true even if you add a new coat of paint or update the exterior materials. 

Thankfully, this issue is quickly remediated. Getting all of the old windows replaced means dramatically improving the overall appearance and aesthetic of the exteriors of your house. And, as a bonus, you and your family can enjoy more natural light coming into your home with new windows, which is highly beneficial to your health and the appearance of your property.

New Windows Can Increase the Value of Your House

9. New Windows Can Increase the Value of Your House

As you look at the various window replacement benefits we’ve outlined, it’s easy to see the many reasons why your property is so much more valuable than other houses. Not only do these benefits make it more valuable to you and anyone who lives under your roof, but also to all the potential buyers if you decide you want to sell.

People looking to buy a new house have a laundry list of must-haves and wants. Among hardwood floors, open floor plans, and location, you’ll also find energy efficiency, curb appeal, comfortability, and safety up there on their lists. 

Buyers will love that the HVAC system works well and has a lot of life to live. They’ll also be happy to hear that the utility bills aren’t too high. Not to mention, everyone loves it when a house looks good from the outside.

So, if you ever plan to sell your house now or at any point in the future, the new windows you invest in can make your property stand out against all others in your area. You might be surprised how much more money you can get as a result of your investment. This absolutely makes window replacement worth it!

Need Replacement Windows? Contact the Professionals at Mountain States Windows & Siding!

If your windows are inefficient or they just don’t work properly, it could be time to get replacement windows, and the experts at Mountain States Windows & Siding can help.

There’s no denying the countless window replacement benefits we’ve outlined. And if you need new windows, there’s no better option than the trusted team at Mountain States. We are here to make your window upgrade and installation processes the best home improvement project you’ve ever been a part of.

In all of our years of service, we have learned that the best quality experiences lie in the details, small or large. Our team puts countless hours of craftsmanship and dedicated work into our projects, but without our knowledge, experience, tools, and time, we wouldn’t amount to much.

Thankfully, our team of professionals have decades of experience behind them and are ready to take on any home renovation or new build project throughout Northern Utah. Whether you are updating your old windows (or kitchen or bathroom) in your current house or building a brand new property and need windows installed, we are here to help. When you choose us, you choose to work with a trusted, dedicated, and quality team.

The Mountain States team is dedicated to giving you transparent and professional service. We will always be upfront with you about our processes. We also understand how important your money and time are; we’re dedicated to staying within your budget and agreed-on timeline. You can rest assured knowing your new windows will help keep your loved ones safe and comfortable while improving your house’s efficiency and curb appeal.

If you live in Salt Lake City, Provo, Springville, Lehi, West Jordan, Heber City, Park City, or a neighboring area, contact the Mountain States Windows team or call us at 801.572.8039 for all your window replacement and siding needs. 

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