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7 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bills

Saving Tips: 5 Ways To Destroy Your Energy Bills

Utility bills keep your home running safely and comfortably, but sometimes it’s painful to realize just how expensive that can get. Twenty-first-century living comes with mega benefits and bills. So while you need a comfortable home, you also have a budget and stick to it. Balancing the two can be tricky, but it is possible. Utahns understand the struggle more than most since our summer months are hot, hot, hot. Then in the winter, we’re trudging through feet of snow and battling icy winds. 

Our air conditioning and heating units work hard year-round, but this can mean our bills get a little high during the extreme months. Is there anything you can do about it? Yes!

Today’s blog discusses how you can save on your energy bills. As it turns out, small and simple steps can make a big difference in the long run, leaving more money in your wallet for other expenses. Keep reading to learn more. 

Here are 7 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bills: 

  • Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Checked

If your A/C unit runs inefficiently, you might not even know it. For example, sometimes air conditioning units can freeze up or use way more energy than is necessary because they’re old, wounded, or otherwise compromised. Getting a quick checkup can ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently. 

If something is wrong and the air conditioner needs to be fixed or replaced, it’s worth doing it in the long run. Sometimes it’s expensive, but it will help the unit last longer, and your monthly utility bill will come down. Of course, shopping around for the best price can help in this area. 

  • Turn Everything Off

Make it a habit of sweeping your house and turning everything off each night before bed, leaving only one, if any, light on at night. Encourage your family to turn off lights and appliances when they’re done using them. 

You might also consider opening the blinds or curtains during the day for natural light rather than lights that run on energy. You may be surprised by how adequate natural light can be. You might only need to turn your lights on at dusk, saving you energy all day. 

Another energy-saving idea is to leave rarely-used items unplugged since they can still seep energy when they aren’t in operation. Items like phone chargers, countertop appliances (toasters, blenders, and coffee makers), and fans are just a few examples of things that continue to waste energy when unused.

  • Cool Off Your Water

Another way to save on your utility bill is by slightly turning down your water heater’s base temperature. Most are set at 140+ degrees, but most people will find that they don’t need it to be quite that high. It costs you more energy and money to heat the water that hot. 

According to CNET, people do well with setting their heater within the range of 120-140 degrees, so you can dial it down somewhere between 10-20 degrees to save energy. Like most small steps, you might not see a huge difference immediately. But, as time goes by, the saving will add up.  

  • Replace Your Shower Head

As simple as it can be, replacing your shower head can make a world of difference by reducing the water flow rate. We recommend getting a showerhead with a WaterSense rating. The WaterSense rating is like an EnergyStar rating, but it’s for water and can show you your water usage and flow.

New showerheads eliminate the waste that comes with using excessive amounts of water and mist. And not to worry; these improvements can be implemented without diminishing your shower experience. It’s impressive what newer technologies can do to save you money on your utility bill.

  • Upgrade to EnergyStar Appliances

Look for EnergyStar indications on products like light bulbs, filters, and other necessary home items. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new washer & dryer, dishwasher, or fridge, you may find that the more energy-efficient options on the market today save you on a monthly utility bill.

  • Check Your Windows

If your windows are old or damaged, they may cause higher utility bills due to leaks. You’re also allowing hot or cold air from outside to come in and forcing your A/C and heater to work even harder, raising your monthly energy and utility bills.

A few indications that your windows are leaking air and might need to be replaced are as follows: 

  • Condensation between window panes 
  • Warping and water damage on the frames 
  • Noise leaking 
  • Feeling a draft 
  • Skyrocketing energy bills

Noticing these signs means that the sooner you fix these issues, the sooner you start saving money on your utility bill. 

  • Install Solar Panels On Your Roof

Another way to save on utility bills is by installing solar panels on your roof. While you won’t see immediate results, you’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Before installing solar panels, insulate your attic, seal holes causing air to leak out, and update your appliances to maximize your solar energy savings. And save up, as this can be a costly investment. 

Replace Your Windows with Mountain States Windows & Siding 

As we mentioned in this blog, your windows can drive up your utility bills if they’re not fit, hung, and sealed properly. If you think this might be an issue in your home, call us at 801-803-6948 today. Calling a window expert at Mountain States Windows & Siding for a consolation will ensure that your windows are properly fit, hung, and sealed, keeping your utility bills low. If necessary, you can upgrade your windows to insulate your home further and save on your energy bills. 

And with us, you’ll save big on your new windows, too! We serve homes in Utah County and Salt Lake County, Utah, so if you’re ready to upgrade your windows, contact us today for a free estimate!

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