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6 DIY Home Décor Projects

6 DIY Home Décor Projects

If you’re interested in adding some décor into your home but want to save a few dollars—try going DIY. DIY home décor is a great way to add a personalized touch to your décor on a budget. Get the creative juices flowing with a few of these simple DIY ideas.

1. Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is an easy way to display and store blankets in your home. This DIY could just mean buying a ladder or building one. All you need is a simple ladder. You can stain it to match your décor. This ladder is propped up against a wall with blankets folded over each step. These ladders provide a great way to display quilts and blankets in your family room or living room.

2. Bath Caddy

Make your baths a more comfortable experience with a DIY bath caddy. This may be the simplest DIY out there. All you really need is a slab of wood. Cut a piece of wood that is just a bit longer than the width of your bathtub. If you want to go a step farther, you can stain your wood caddy and potentially even add a water-resistant layer. It could also be helpful to cut a cupholder into the caddy. Personalize it any way you like. Enjoy a book, a drink, or a little snack while soaking in the tub with your new bathtub cubby.   

3. Pegboard Storage

A pegboard gives you unique storage. With a pegboard, you can add shelves, cups, hooks, and any other kind of storage you like. A pegboard not only improves your home’s storage but also your home’s décor. A pegboard can add a splash of color and functionality to a room. This is an easy DIY because all you really need is a pegboard! It can be personalized by painting or staining. You may also want to invest in additional shelving, hooks, or displays to add to your pegboard.

4. Fake Linen Closet

No linen closet? No problem. You can make one with a few linen baskets. With 4-6 square or rectangular baskets, connect them with your wall in a stacking fashion. These can be attached with nails, command strips, or anything else that will be stable. You can fill these baskets with folded towels and robes to put them on display.

5. Magnetic Knife Holder

A magnetic knife holder is a simple way to make your kitchen utensils more accessible. All you need is a block of wood, a drill, some heavy-duty magnets, a hammer, and a few nails. Simply cut the wood in the desired shape and leave a space for the magnetics. Insert magnets using some heavy duty glue to ensure they stay in place. Install the block on your wall in the desired place. Ensure that it is sturdy before placing knives on it.


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