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5 Spring Break Home Improvement Projects

5 Spring Break Home Improvement Projects

The “staycation” is becoming an increasingly popular choice for spring break. If you don’t want to take a whole week off work, your kids have sports or activities that prevent travel, or you have serious financial or home goals then a staycation can prove to be financially beneficial and hugely rewarding.

Staying home and tackling a few home improvement projects can increase your comfort and pride in your home and provide you with some great family time that you’ll always remember.

5 Spring Break Home Improvement Projects

  1. Paint. One of the most family friendly and non-invasive projects is to paint! Choose an accent wall or room that needs a fresh paint job. Pick out a new color – whether it’s a bold color in a small space like a bathroom, or a soothing muted color in a larger entertaining space like your family room.
  2. Backsplash. Putting in a tile backsplash is such a popular project because it’s easy to DIY even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Adding backsplash brings personality to any kitchen or bathroom space in a major way.
  3. Garden. Spring break is an excellent time to plant a family garden. If you already have a garden, you can upgrade it with edging or new plants. Starting from scratch isn’t hard, as long as you talk to an expert at a home and garden store first. Flowers can be a great start and then work your way up to tomatoes.
  4. Paint Siding. Take those paint cans outside. You can quickly update your home with a fresh coat of paint. Stick with the same color if you love it and just need a refreshed look. Or shake things up with a new siding color. Be sure to get the indoor/outdoor version of your preferred paint. Clean your siding well first to prevent any dirt or grime from compromising the paint.
  5. Replace Fixtures. One of the fastest and most cost-effective updates to your home is to swap out all of your fixtures. Melon lights, taps and faucets, door handles, towel racks, hooks, sconces, and even pendants and chandeliers can take you fewer than 5 minutes to swap out. The finishes and styles are endless, and though they’re small they can make a huge impact in your home.

This spring break you can save money on pricey hotels and tourist traps and instead make meaningful and beautiful improvement to your home. Involve the whole family for a rewarding spring break that can make your home look like a Pinterest spread. Call Mountain States Windows & Siding if you could use a little inspiration or professional help.


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