5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Window replacement is usually on the tail end of a homeowner’s list for future improvements. It ranks far below emergency fixes and comfort or cosmetic upgrades you’re hoping to make.

No one checks out Pinterest or home design magazines looking for window replacements – the focus is always on kitchens, bathrooms, and curb appeal. We get it.

Window replacement isn’t all that exciting. But it can be very important and even necessary, so today we’re sharing 5 Reasons you should move window replacement up on your list of home improvement upgrades.

  1. Damage. The most common reason we replace windows is because of damage. Maybe the neighborhood kids kicked a soccer ball right at your living room window, or hanging Christmas lights left a huge scratch along a major pane. No matter the reason or extent of the damage, it’s important to quickly repair or replace damaged windows to protect your home.
  2. Protection. While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about windows as protection. Vulnerable windows can invite danger to your home. Burglaries or home invasions can occur when windows don’t securely lock. Young children might also be at risk of falling if the windows are too easy to open or don’t fit well.
  3. Age. Even the most quality windows will age over time, meaning the fit and seal will wear down and cause leaks or warping. Quality assurance standards were different in the past, as well, so the windows in your older home might not be up to modern standards. Newer windows are stronger, longer lasting, and more effective.
  4. Style. In addition to effectiveness, modern windows have changed in style. Fixed windows, multiple-pane, sizes, and shapes all have modern interpretations that can update the style and look of your home in a major way. You might find that modernizing the windows adds more curb appeal than you would have predicted.
  5. Energy Efficiency. Today’s windows are much more energy efficient than those of decades past. New windows will mean lower utility bills and better control of your interior climate because the insulation is much better. No more cranking up the AC just to lose it through leaky seals or poor heat transfer in old windows.

We know you may be focusing on updating your home’s exterior with new siding or renovating your kitchen. But it might be time to start considering window replacement and all it’s benefits as well. At Mountain States Windows & Siding we’re ready to help.