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5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Replacing windows in a house is usually on the tail end of a homeowner’s list for future improvements. It ranks below emergency fixes, comfort improvements, or cosmetic upgrades. 

Replacing windows isn’t Pinterest-worthy, and it doesn’t sell out home design magazines. The focus is on kitchens, bathrooms, and curb appeal. We typically just see through windows and may not notice the actual window.

But even though replacing windows in a house isn’t all that exciting, it can be imperative and even necessary.
To demonstrate how important window replacement can be, we will discuss five reasons you might want to move “replace windows in home” higher on your list of home improvement upgrades.

1. Damage

The most common reason to replace your windows is damage. Whatever the reason, a damaged window is a safety issue. A broken window can cause injury.

Additionally, a damaged window will not adequately resist the elements. If a damaged window remains, your home becomes susceptible to water damage, wood rot, mold, and decreased air quality. If your damaged window allows moisture to enter, this can lead to structural damage. 

No matter the reason or extent of the damage, it’s vital to repair or replace damaged windows to protect your home quickly.

2. Protection

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about windows as protection. Vulnerable windows can invite danger into your home. Burglaries or home invasions can occur easier when you do not replace your windows. This happens because of old windows for a variety of reasons: 

  • Loose trim around the window allows an intruder the more significant opportunity to open a window with a crowbar within seconds. 
  • Older windows can have external beading that a knife around the window can easily cut.
  • A damaged window may not securely lock. So, even if you believe your window is secure, it may not prevent entry.

Finally, old windows pose a risk to young children. If a window is too easily opened or doesn’t fit properly, a child might be at risk of falling.

3. Age

Even the most quality of windows age over time. As a window ages, the fit and seal will wear down. A worn seal or improper fit can cause a host of issues. The biggest problem is the possibility of moisture entering through the window, causing leaks, warping, mold, and mildew growth. 

The next issue that happens with age is that debris can enter between the panes of the window. This debris can cause discoloration and cause it to appear dirty permanently. An old window can mean reduced visibility and diminished enjoyment of your window.

Aside from the damage that can occur with age, quality assurance standards change. Therefore, the windows in your older home may not meet modern standards. Newer windows are more robust, longer lasting, and more cost-effective. 

4. Style

In addition to effectiveness, modern windows have changed in style. Fixed windows, multi-pane, size, and shape all have modern interpretations that can update the style and look of your home in a significant way. Additionally, new windows are available in a greater variety of color options. 

You can enhance the curb appeal more than you might expect by replacing old, out-of-date windows. When someone arrives outside a home, what are the first things they see? Landscaping, architecture, and windows. 

If windows show their age by appearing cloudy, have broken or molding seals, or have damage on the window in any way, the house will lack curb appeal. There is a reason most windows on a haunted house appear old and damaged. On the other hand, if your windows look modern and well-maintained, so will your home. 

New windows will modernize the interior aesthetic. Windows take up massive amounts of wall space. When you replace windows in home, the overall style of the home is improved. A modernized window will make your home feel fresher and newer. 

5. Energy Efficiency

The Department of Energy states, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25 to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” 

You are wasting energy if your home loses 25 to 30% of the temperature-controlled air through windows. Not to mention, your overall comfort in your home is decreasing. A drafty window can make that section of your home unusable at specific temperatures. Therefore, you lose livable space in your home.

New windows will mean lower utility bills and better control of your interior climate because the insulation is improved. Today’s windows are much more energy efficient than those of decades past. 

One of the significant differences in modern windows is the use of multi-pane glass and how they are insulated. The window’s insulation can vary in the type of glass, coatings on the glass, and the gas used to fill in between the panes. The various insulation options allow you to better customize your windows based on the needs of your regional climate. 

The increase in insulation layers takes your home from the current three layers of insulation in your two-paned window to a potential five layers in a triple-pane window. Insulation layers increase to four additional layers if you upgrade from a single-pane window. 

When you replace your old windows, you will no longer find yourself cranking up the A/C just to lose it through leaky seals or poor heat transfer in old windows.

Replace the Windows in Your House with Mountain States Windows and Siding

We know you might be focusing on updating your home’s exterior or renovating your kitchen or bathroom, but it might be time to consider the impact replacing your windows in a house can have on your home. 

Mountain States Windows and Siding is a Lehi-based company that serves homes from American Fork to Salt Lake City. We pride ourselves on combining the needs and wants of our customers with our industry know-how. We strive to allow feedback every step of the way so that our customers are happy.

If you are ready to add “replace windows in home” to your home improvement list, contact us today to get an estimate. Our skilled technicians are ready to help. 

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