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5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Winter

5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Winter

The opposite may seem true to some, but one of the best times to replace your windows is during the winter season.

You may have heard that it isn’t wise to replace windows during the wintertime. This is old, outdated information! Winter can be a great time to install new windows because it offers many benefits for you, your family, and your home. Additionally, modern installation processes and techniques allow for faster replacements, regardless of the weather. Don’t wait another week, month, or season to have your windows swapped out.

Continue reading for a few reasons to consider replacing your windows during the winter months.

5 Valid Reasons to Replace Your Windows in Winter

  1. Identify Window Problems with Winter Weather — The cold winter temperatures and elements can help you identify issues with your windows. There may be a handful of windows in your home that are causing problems in certain areas in your house. However, if you have an older property, it could be all of them! As the temperatures drop and it begins to rain or snow, pay close attention to rooms and spaces in your home that are most uncomfortable and where there are leaks.
  2. Dated Windows Decrease Curb Appeal — If you are selling your home this winter season or simply take pride in how your home looks during the holidays, old windows can significantly decrease curb appeal. New windows will instantly create that picture-perfect look you’re hoping to achieve.
  3. Old Windows May Lead to Mold — Did you know that your old, worn-out windows are susceptible to mold and mildew growth? They are exposed to too much water or allow moisture in many cases. However it happens, the over-exposure to moisture can allow mold to grow in, on, and around your windows. Mold can start small, but if left untreated, it can become a serious concern, even causing health issues!
  4. Unnecessary Utility Costs — Old or damaged windows cannot work efficiently, which means your furnace and HVAC systems are working harder than ever. As you may have guessed, this results in higher utility bills each month and over-worked systems that are more susceptible to becoming damaged or breaking down. The longer you put off replacing your old windows, the more money and energy you’ll spend keeping your home warm.
  5. Flexible Installation Dates — Schedules aren’t as booked during this time of year, giving you a lot more flexibility on when your windows get installed. Moreover, you may find that your windows get installed more quickly and won’t have to wait so long for installation to happen.

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