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5 Great Window Accessories For Your Home

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You probably don’t think much about your windows except “Ugh it’s too early to have so much bright light coming in here!” or “Man I really need to clean those windows…”

You’re not alone. Windows are a key component of our homes, but they often go forgotten or neglected since they require so little maintenance. Windows exist perfectly well on their own, and don’t require a whole lot of flash or fanfare to make them stand out or to do their job properly.

5 Great Window Accessories For Your Home

Often you install some blinds or curtains and call it good. But could your home use a little more window love? There are a variety of options you can choose to take your windows, and home, to the next level.

How Can You Spruce Your Home Without Spending Tons of Money?

1. Shutters

Shutters are a popular accent for your home’s exterior, and are often standard for cottage, farmhouse, or Cape Cod style homes. Homebuilders may even offer a short list of shutter options in complementary colors for your home during the design phase. Shutters can be functioning or nonfunctioning (simply for decoration or accent). One reason shutters are a great window accessory is that they require very little work and absolutely no disruption or remodel. Adding shutters is a popular option for people wishing to update the curb appeal of their home without breaking the bank or committing to expansive remodels.

2. Grilles

Grilles are both decorative and protective, and are often chosen for their rustic, Spanish, or Mediterranean effect. Grilles can prevent unwanted guests from entering through windows, balls or other projectiles from coming in contact with your glass, or even as a final measure to prevent children from falling or exiting windows. Wrought-iron grilles are often beautifully designed and add a decorative element to your exterior windows.

3. Films

If you live in a very sunny or hot climate you may want to invest in some UV blocking films for your windows. Not only do they prevent harmful UV rays from entering the home, they can also insulate your home better against the pounding heat outside, meaning a lower utility bill and cooler temperatures inside. Films are popular choices for offices or other rooms with direct sunlight for much of the day. You can “do-it-yourself” but you may want to turn to an expert like Mountain States Windows & Siding to do the job professionally with no crooked edges or bubbles.

4. Safety Latches or Locks

Many windows come with this standard feature, but you can also find more professional and protective locks and latches for your windows. Many homeowners invest in these once their children are large enough to be interested or open the windows on their own.

5. Screens

Most families like to crack open a window for a fresh breeze during temperate times of the year. Screens will prevent bugs, birds, and other unwanted guests from entering your open windows. Most screens are effective and affordable, and will last the better part of a lifetime. You can install yourself or enlist the help of window experts at Mountain States Windows & Siding by getting in contact with them today.

If you’re looking for a home upgrade that won’t break the bank or derail your home life, consider one of these great options for window accessories instead!


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