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4 Home Upgrades To Lower Your Utility Bill

4 Home Upgrades To Lower Your Utility Bill

When you start to really look at your utility bills, you may start feeling the pressure that comes with needless expenses.

Why are these bills so high? Could this money be going to something else? Do we have any control over our utility usage?

Taking a look at your utilities over the last 12 months can be a wake up call.

Are you ready to make some cost-effective upgrades that will lower your utility bill? We have 4 easy and effective changes that can make a difference in your finances.

Four Home Upgrades to Lower Your Utility Bill

  1. Low Flow Water Fixtures: These fixtures are very affordable, and easy to switch out yourself. These fixtures reduce the water consumption in your home, maybe even up to 50 percent which is an incredible switch. Check out low flow faucets and showerheads at your local home improvement store.
  2. Fluorescent Light Bulbs: It’s tempting to skip on fluorescent light bulbs because they are more expensive, but you’ll save up to $6 a year on energy bills. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up throughout the house and over time. It’s easy to do yourself as a quick weeknight project, which makes it much more appealing than more intense projects.
  3. Fix, Clean, Or Replace Your Dishwasher: Did you know your dishwasher could be using extra water because it’s dirty? Clogged with food, hard water, or broken pieces can be slowing water flow and signaling more water to keep things clean. You may also have some easy repairs to make to ensure that your dishwasher is working efficiently. If you have a very old dishwasher, it’s time to consider a high-efficiency replacement which uses much less water.
  4. A Smart Thermostat: You’ve seen these everywhere, and for good reason. A smart thermostat will help you save energy and money simultaneously. They’re more accurate and easier to adjust and program so you aren’t accidentally leaving it turned up, or turned down for long periods of time. Most of them will save you more in the first year on energy bills than they cost in the first place. You may need some help to get it set up but it’s well worth it.

There are many more home upgrades you can make to not only modernize your home but also significantly lower your utility bills. It’s a worthy cause that can save you money and save the environment, too.


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