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3 Ways Windows Increase the Value of Your Home

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When you are considering the value of your home, it’s important to factor in the things you can change. Once you have had your home appraised or the value set according to the size, property and neighborhood, it may be less than you were hoping. Or you may be looking at your home, wondering what could be changed or updated in order to increase the value of your home over the long run. There are many areas where updating can make a difference, but the most overlooked is windows. However, there are three main ways that windows can increase the value of your home.

3 Ways Windows Increase the Value of Your Home

  1. It’s simple – new windows are worth more than old ones. Brand new windows mean the potential buyers will not have to replace the windows, possibly ever. Brand new windows will function better, stay cleaner, last longer, and require the smallest possible amount of maintenance. It’s something that will appeal to would-be homeowners. Advertising all new windows in your home’s statistics shows that you have taken the time to add new value to a home you don’t intend to occupy longer, illustrating your care and connection to the home.
  2. Updating older windows with a newer style can modernize your home in subtle but meaningful ways. You can opt for modern designs, cleaner cuts, personalized colors, and unique styles that can make your home more desirable and a higher value than comparable homes on the market. Switching to double or triple pane can bring in lots of interest, or adding a beautiful accent window where once a standard window stood adds a wow factor.
  3. Energy Efficiency. Newer windows are more energy efficient than older windows. This increases the value of your home by decreasing the amount of energy used to maintain the home’s temperature. High efficiency windows better insulate the home, and specifications can be made to reflect sunlight or minimize draft depending on your home’s needs. Making the home more energy efficient will appeal to green-minded homebuyers, and those looking to minimize their utilities bill as well.

The first place to start is a free consultation with Mountain States Windows & Siding. They can help you determine a budget, discover design choices, and install the best options for your home. You can enjoy the new windows yourself or just get it ready to list for the maximum selling price possible. Don’t forget windows – they’re worth the update.

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