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3 Ways To Fix Drafty Windows

3 Ways To Fix Drafty Windows

It’s a terrible feeling – you’re all comfy and cozy on your couch with a fresh drink, snack, blanket, and your latest TV show… but then you feel a slight breeze.

It’s frigid outside and you’re paying precious dollars to keep your home at a comfortable internal temperature.

Are you coming down with the flu?

Did someone leave the door open?

Did someone mess with your carefully set thermostat?

After a few minutes of investigation you find the culprit: a drafty window.

It’s pretty common, actually.

You keep your home at a toasty 70 degrees to fight the single digits outside, but you didn’t even realize that your air conditioning is working extra hard to maintain that temperature because your drafty windows are letting heat out and cold air in.

It’s not only costing you comfort – it’s costing you money!

So how can you fix it?

The 3 Best Ways To Fix Drafty Windows

1. Search & Fill Cracks

Often homeowners find that there are small but noticeable cracks either in their windows, the sashes, or the frames.

Thoroughly clean your windows and then carefully inspect for cracks, feeling all around the glass and edges for places where cold air is most prominent.

When you find a crack, fill it with a clear glaze or caulk, even clear nail polish if it’s small!

If the cracks appear more challenging, you can always call Mountain States Windows & Siding for window repair.

2. Freshen Up Seals

If the problem appears to be overall wear and ill-fitting, a fresh layer of seal can make a big difference.

You can use temporary options like a shrink-wrap or draft snake that mounts all the way around the window for the months when it will remain closed.

These options can be easily detached when springtime arrives and you want to open your windows again.

Or if you want a more permanent solution you can remove all the old and peeling caulk and carefully apply a new layer all the way around your windows to ensure that no freezing cold air is making its way into your home.

3. Replace Your Windows

Of course your final and most effective effort to fix your drafty windows will be to replace your windows altogether!

Especially in older homes this will be your best option.

You can apply seals and caulk over and over, but find that you’re continuing to pay a lot of money to heat your home due to drafts.

Older windows end up ill-fitting and poorly sealed, no matter how nice they were when they were new – it’s simple aging.

If you’re in the market for new windows, Mountain States Windows & Siding can offer you new windows on a budget with trustworthy installation and service.

Don’t let your expensive heat escape through drafty windows! Get them patched up or replaced before you lose too much money, or sanity!


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