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3 Ways New Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

3 Ways New Windows Increase Your Homes Value

When we advise new home builders or home renovators, we are prepared for a wide variety of questions. How much does siding cost for a house of our size? Will roofing or siding be completed first? What are some different kinds of siding I can choose? Is it possible to DIY any of these projects? What should I renovate first? What remodel areas will have the biggest impact? Where should I spend the bulk of my home budget?

At Mountain States Windows & Siding we’ve been around for years, helping our local neighbors make the best possible choices for their Utah home or business, regardless of it’s age or style. We provide our best possible advice, and often clients are surprised at what we have to say about windows.

Windows are easily overlooked, other than the question “how much do windows cost?” But in reality, windows are an important way to increase value and protect your home.

Today we’re sharing some of our insider knowledge about windows and siding value for your home or business.

  1. Longevity. More than almost anything else in your home, windows – correctly chosen and installed – should last the life of the home as long as no unforeseen damage occurs. So when you choose new and high quality windows, your home is newer, better equipped, and far from expensive upgrades or replacements. It means more money for the value of your home simply because it’s something you or future owners won’t need to address.
  2. Efficiency. Did you know how important functional windows are for your home’s energy efficiency? Quality windows help retain your home’s expensive air conditioning and keep extreme temperatures outside where they belong. Can windows save you money? Yes – on your utility bill.
  3. Style. Newer pretty much always means more value, especially when it comes to new and impressive styles. Windows have changed a lot in recent decades, and out-of-date windows are easy to spot. Your home dramatically increases in curb appeal and modernization with the addition of new and well-designed windows.

Choosing to upgrade or replace windows can be a big task. You can DIY window replacements or you can call the experts. Window and siding contractors are easy to find and trust when you start with Mountain States Windows & Siding. Let us replace your windows or upgrade your siding for a newer, more valuable home.


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