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3 Simple Tips to Maintaining a Clean Home

3 Simple Tips to Maintaining a Clean Home

You might have heard of the saying, “A clean home is a clean mind,” or vice versa, “A cluttered home is a cluttered mind.” If you’ve tackled all your projects from being in quarantine and are now faced with the cleanup, or the kids have been home for months, and you haven’t been able to keep up with maintenance, this blog is for you. We will give you 3 Top tips to maintain a clean home so that you can have peace of mind this summer.

Why a Clean Home is Important

Aside from not stepping all over clothes or toys and breaking or ruining them, or grinding in crumbs, a clean home is important to your health and that of your family. When dust is allowed to settle on surfaces, it can wreak havoc on allergies and asthma, so regular dusting is vital to keep things under control. A maintained home also saves you money, because you fix little things before they turn into larger headaches.

Stay tuned to see 3 tips that can change how you maintain a clean home.

  1. Make your bed every morning. This simple task is enough to get you motivated to tidy up your room, which can transfer into cleaning up the bathroom, and so on. 
    Why it matters: Your brain likes simplicity. Too many tasks at once seem insurmountable to many, so picking one small chore that takes a few minutes won’t be overwhelming. Once that small chore is finished, you realize you have time to gather up the trash and throw it away and pick up the clothes on the floor. Before you know it, your room is clean.
  1. Put everything away once done with it. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re like the average person, you get a bowl of cereal to eat in the morning before going to work or taking the kids to school, and you forget to dump it in the sink. You may come home after a long day and drop your handbag, briefcase, jacket, and shoes in front of the couch. You say to yourself that you’ll deal with it later. Before long, your home is cluttered.

    Why it matters: If you leave things out, your kids may do the same thing. After all, if you don’t care, why should they? This sets up a bad habit for the whole family, which then translates into walking all over trash, books, papers, clothes, etc., resulting in angry family members — especially if they step on a sharp object or break a toy.
  2. Clean one room at a time. If one chore is the bathroom for your child, have them clean the tub first, which is the hardest to clean. Then, have them move on to the toilet, the sink, then the countertops. Have them finish the flooring last when they can mop inward, out.

    Why it matters: When you have kids do one room at a time, it allows them to process that in their mind as an achievable task, instead of feeling overwhelmed by a blanket statement of “do your chores.”

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