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3 Must Do Spring Cleaning Projects

3 Must Do Spring Cleaning Projects

It’s time to start thinking about your spring cleaning. Whether you rent, own, or are considering a big project like a remodel, spring cleaning is a critical part of preparing your home for renewed life and alleviating the stress and grime that comes from heavier home living in the winter months.

For Fall and Winter we’re driven inside, hosting holidays and sports games and dragging in snow and mud. It’s time to clean that all up and refresh for that “new start” feel of spring.

Not all spring cleaning tasks are created equally, though. You can spend all day spring cleaning your home just to feel like you gave it a good wipe down.

We’re bigger fans of the projects that really have an impact. Crushing a few of these big projects early on in your spring cleaning will help you gain momentum and motivation to truly deep clean your entire property. We’ve got your starting line right here.

The 3 Must Do Spring Cleaning Projects are:

  1. The Garage. That poor garage has taken a beating during fall and winter. Leaf-blowing, snow shoveling, and the chunks of muddy ice that fall off your cars have left it feeling grimy and cluttered. Tackle this first! Take everything out and give it a good sweep and rinse. Then carefully replace and reorganize after throwing away trash and outdated or broken items. You can even consider a fresh coat of paint! It’s well worth it.
  2. Window Washing. You don’t even realize how dirty your windows were until you look out a clean one. Window washing is a spring cleaning essential, because it allows you to enjoy the green and blossoms, and even better crack your windows for a fresh spring breeze. Do it yourself with a ladder, soap, vinegar, and newspaper to wipe, or hire professionals.
  3. Fridge & Pantry. You have accumulated a lot of food over the winter months and holiday weeks. It’s time to really dig in. Empty out your entire fridge, throwing away expired or leaky items. Do the same with your pantry. Clean both thoroughly, then reorganize with clear plastic organizers from the dollar store for maximum efficiency. Get fancy with baskets or a label-maker and the effect will be a totally rejuvenated kitchen.

Once you’ve mastered these three must-do spring cleaning projects, we think you’ll be surprised to see how much easier it is to turn your eye to the living room, the closets, and even the master bathroom. We wish you luck and a happy spring!


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