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2021 Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Home Siding: 2021 Top Vinyl Siding Trends

The 2021 top vinyl siding trends are here and they’ve got us drooling over their dark, moody colors and bold textures.  

Step aside, stucco. Vinyl is the new go-to choice of siding for homeowners.

Here’s a look at the siding trends that are taking the world by storm. 

Gear up. This isn’t your grandmother’s vinyl siding. 

Dark, Moody Vinyl Siding

White houses were all the rage in 2019, and they’re still extremely popular. Who can blame a person for wanting a while house? It’s a classic color and will never really go out of style.

But black siding is the 2021 top vinyl siding trend that everyone’s talking about. Predominantly black houses with natural wood or rock accents are taking new housing developments by storm. And it’s not just black. Dark and moody tones are all the rage right now. Think deep green, and dark, earthy browns and greys. Even maroon, burgundy, and deep blue are growing in popularity. With siding like that, your home will certainly make a statement.

Bold Textures

Older vinyl siding trends feature smooth, consistent textures wrapping the entire house. Straight lines, with no variation. It gives a “cute, simple house on the corner” kind of a look. There’s nothing wrong with it, but that’s not a look that homes in 2021 are going for. 

Home exterior design is all about bold textures and variations. Vinyl shaker shingles are extremely popular on houses with dormers, while the rest of the house might boast a board-and-batten or shiplap style of siding. The variety in textures adds some serious visual interest and can boost the appearance of even the dullest homes.

High Contrast

In the past 10-15 years, it was popular to paint houses with all coordinating colors. Brown stucco with tan trim, tan garage doors, and tan brick. It’s not news to anyone that this style is bland, boring, and not at all eye-catching. We’re happy to announce that this drab color scheme is no longer a sought-after look.

But do you know what is in style? High contrasting colors. A white house with bold, black accents. Dark garage doors. Deep, navy blue siding with bright white trim and a beautiful wooden front door. The trendy variation in colors is eye-catching and can easily make a house the talk of the town.

Mountain States Windows and Siding Can Transform Your House

If these 2021 top vinyl siding trends have you ready to ditch your old siding and upgrade, Mountain States Windows and Siding can help transform your home. The siding on your house is not only highly visible, but it’s your home’s first layer of defense against the environment. At Mountain States Windows and Siding, we understand the need for beautiful siding, not only for curb appeal, but for protecting your home as well. We specialize in siding installation as well as window replacement and installation for homeowners in Lehi, Utah, and the greater Utah County area. Contact us today to request an estimate!

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