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2020’s Top Vinyl Siding Trends

2020’s Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Curb appeal is a significant factor in your home’s value and its potential to sell. Old, worn-out siding can quickly turn off a potential buyer or decrease an appraisal. Now is the perfect time to learn about new vinyl trends for 2020. Continue scrolling to learn what’s hot in vinyl siding.

Siding Trends for 2020

There are several vinyl siding designs that are trending and deserve attention, and since styles differ with each homeowner, it’s a good idea to see what’s out there. Let’s take a look at some of the design ideas and popular colors in which to choose.

Steel Siding

One popular trend in vinyl siding is steel siding. For those interested in sustainability, it offers the best solution. The strength and durability of steel siding is worth the investment. Why? Because with this type of siding, you won’t need to worry about chips, flakes, or cracks. It combines both durability and sustainability in an attractive package that creates interest and intrigue.

Light and Dark

A major trend in siding is mixing light and dark tones, thus creating instant curb appeal that makes a statement for your home. The idea is to blend two or three different colors in one facade. If you’re not sure about color blocking, try starting out with a contrast in your trimming, which adds depth to your exterior design. 

Blending Siding

One of the most popular and easiest trends to consider is blending siding because of the simplicity of the design. With this process, you need to start with choosing which shades you want to blend, whether it be earthy tones or cool and light shades. Feeling brave? Go with bold and bright tones to make your siding stand out. Once you’ve chosen, move forward with incorporating texture and blending multiple siding widths. For example, adding vertical siding is a popular trend, which can transform your home into the modern look you want.

Eco-Friendly Siding

One of the most important siding design trends for 2020 is eco-friendly siding material, factoring in energy efficiency, recyclability, and the determination of whether it’s locally sourced. There are many eco-friendly choices to consider, so go green. 

Vinyl Siding Colors for 2020

When it comes to siding colors, along with the traditional beiges, whites, and grays, there is now a shift to bold, tranquil hues, like that of Mother Nature. Here are a few trending siding colors for 2020:

  • For light and dark hues – Blue-gray hues or grey siding with white trim is a popular color design.
  • For richer colors and natural hues – Russet reds or forest greens with white or beige trim makes your home pop.

Considering New Siding?

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