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2018’s Top Vinyl Siding Trends

2018s Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Vinyl siding is a very popular choice for many homes and for good reason. It’s durability, low cost, and nearly maintenance free qualities make it a reasonable and attractive option. As a very low maintenance material, it’s low hassle. It also lasts for years and is not generally affected by pests or rotting. If you’re looking to try out vinyl siding or to replace your vinyl siding, take a look at a few of the newest trends using this versatile and practical material in 2018.

Adding some light and dark vinyl to the sides of a house will give a nice contrast to the overall exterior. This contrast can provide depth to your décor and have a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Mixed Siding
Combine vinyl with another material to add another kind of contrast and a little more texture to your exterior. Mix and match some vinyl siding with a little brick or stone for a unique combination. Plus, it will boost your curb appeal!

Did you know that vinyl comes in an insulated option? Though getting insulated vinyl can be pricier upfront, it will save you money in the long run as it brings down your energy bills on the years. Insulated vinyl will help to keep the cool or warm air in your home.

Pops of Color
The color options for vinyl are essentially endless. You can show a little personality with a coastal blue, a candy apple red, or a deep emerald, or go with a more neutral color for a softer look. Any way you go, the possibilities are innumerable.

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