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10 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Windows

Spring Cleaning Your Windows

Spring cleaning is a tough necessity. After a long and cold winter, we’re looking forward to the sunshine, warm weather, and flowers all around. But a big part of that is clearing away the grime and mess of winter so we can fully enjoy the brightness of spring.

It may include rotating out our cold weather clothes and other items. It could mean sweeping out and reorganizing your garage. Maybe it’s time to de-ice the freezer and scrub out your fridge. And on everyone’s list is a dreaded task – window washing.

Window washing takes time and muscle. It’s certainly not the easiest of chores, but when you want to open up those blinds and let the fresh spring light in – it’s best to do that with clear, clean windows so you can actually enjoy it! Today we’re sharing these quick 10 tips to make your spring cleaning easier!

  1. Plan Ahead. Eliminate work and family obligations for the day (or days) you want to spring clean so you can focus and get more done.
  2. Get Supplies. Head to the dollar store! Get a new bucket, some rags, a squeegee, and dish soap.
  3. Pick a Pretty Day. When things are bright and beautiful outside it’s much more fun to open those windows as you clean, thinking about all of your fun upcoming spring plans.
  4. Be Comfy but Grungy. Have you ever tried cleaning in normal clothes? You are careful the whole time to keep them clean. Instead put on clothes that can get wet and dirty so you can work full force.
  5. Feed Your Team. If you’re involving your family members, get everyone fed first with a favorite breakfast or some pizza if it’s later in the day. Then finish off with a treat after the work!
  6. Listen Up! Cleaning, and any task in general, is easier and more fun with some listening to distract you. Blast your favorite playlist, a captivating audiobook, or a fresh new podcast.
  7. Waterproof Tablecloths. Spread out a waterproof liner or tablecloth under your windows as you clean, so you aren’t worried about water and soap dripping down onto your floors.
  8. Use Your Vacuum. Vacuuming first will remove dust and dry grime from your windows, so you won’t end up with a goopy mess in your windowsills.
  9. Start Upstairs. Because climbing the stairs after you’ve already scrubbed everything downstairs is a huge drag – pun intended! Coming downstairs is much easier.
  10. Add Cornstarch. Adding a tablespoon of cornstarch to your washing fluid will give your windows extra shine! It’s a pro tip!

So get to it! The sun is shining, and you should be able to see it clearly through your freshly washed windows!

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