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10 DIY Décor Ideas For Your Home

10 DIY Décor Ideas For Your Home

Add a little unique décor to your house without breaking the bank or spending too much. Each of these DIYs will add homemade and unique décor to your home to personalize it and add functionality.  


1. Magnetic Poster Hold from Better Homes and Gardens 

Display any posters and prints in your own way with this easy DIY. You can make this custom sized to fit any artwork you want to show off! Plus, it only takes a few minutes and a few supplies. 


2. Hanging Book Storage from Table and Hearth

This DIY is perfect for a nursery for kids’ rooms. Display books in a unique and easily accessible way with this hanging book storage unit. 


3. DIY Fluffy Pom-Pom Bin from Sugar and Cloth

Keep your throw pillows and blankets organized with this adorable pom-pom covered bin. This DIY is simple, quick, and leaves you with a fun and functional addition to your living room or bedroom. 


4. DIY Foldable Drying Rack from Gem and Em

This DIY drying rack folds up and hides away when you aren’t using it. Pull out when you need it and fold it up when you don’t. This is one of the easiest and most useful DIYs out there. 


5. DIY Railing Planter from Better Homes and Gardens 

Boost your curb appeal with this beautiful DIY railing planter. Display your gardening abilities on your porch or back deck with a railing planter! 


6. DIY Tiered Planter Boxes from Anika’s DIY Life

Looking for another way to show off your garden? This is a great DIY for a beginner woodworker. With just a few slabs of wood from the hardware store and some good soil, you can make your own planter boxes to display on your porch. 


7. Reversible Tassel Placemats from the Spruce Crafts 

Pull out these tassel placemats for any dinner party or gathering—they are sure to impress! Want to use them again the next night? Just flip them over for a different look. 


8. DIY Printed Bowls from The Lovely Drawer

Turn your plain white bowls into a site to see with a Sharpie and your oven! Design your own patterns on your bowls, bake them, and voila—it’s like you have a whole new dish set. Easy peasy. 


9. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket from Lydi Out Loud

Turn a cheap laundry basket metallic to make it not only functional but also beautiful. Make the dab more exciting in a matter of minutes. This DIY requires very little time or money and is sure to turn some heads. 


10. DIY Tea Towels from Twine & Braids 

Add a personal touch to your kitchen with some hand-painted tea towels. You don’t need to be a professional painter to make a simple DIY tea towel and add a little color to your kitchen. 


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