5 Benefits of French Doors

Benefits of French Doors

French doors are a beautiful and noticeable addition to any home or office. They are constantly featured in the gorgeous homes of the Parade of Homes, in interior design magazines, and all over Pinterest. Sometimes, though, homeowners or home buyers think that French doors are only for fancy homes. Others may overlook them as an…


Winter Window Checklist

How To Keep Your Windows Working This Winter Now that the Groundhog has seen his shadow, we can rest assured that we still have plenty of winter ahead of us. For some, that’s depressing. Especially if winter snuck up on you in the first place! Often Halloween turns into Thanksgiving which turns into Christmas and…


DIY Plastic Window Insulation

Insulation is what keeps you comfortable. Poorly insulated homes have frequent issues with temperature, humidity, drafts, pests, and other annoying discoveries. The utility bills for poorly insulated homes are always higher, and often without the owners even realizing it. Their bill just keeps creeping higher and higher, and they pay it without thinking or just…

Drafty Windows

3 Ways To Fix Drafty Windows

It’s a terrible feeling – you’re all comfy and cozy on your couch with a fresh drink, snack, blanket, and your latest TV show… but then you feel a slight breeze. It’s frigid outside and you’re paying precious dollars to keep your home at a comfortable internal temperature. Are you coming down with the flu?…


How To Budget For New Windows

Windows are often overlooked in the home design and remodels. They’re a critical part of your home, of course. But they aren’t always a centerpiece that demands attention like your flooring, kitchen counters, or master bathroom can be. When people are looking to remodel or even simply update their homes they may focus their efforts…